I am interested in coming to Columcille

Hello and welcome. Below are some quotes from people who come to Columcille to give you an idea of what it is like here.
Question: What do you like about Columcille?   …….   and here below some answers from current participants:
“Learning new drama skills, being involved, gaining confidence, sharing experiences”
” People and staff”
“A lot, I feel happy when I know I’m going to Columcille”
“It’s a second home”
“It’s warm and friendly, meeting different people, having a voice and being listened to”
“Working in the cafe, I do sewing and work in the garden”
“To see my friends.  I like my job”
“I like art and I get a massage on a Thursday”
“Passes time, I learn to cook and draw and write”
“For the activities.  Going out in the summer time”
“Enjoy music and dancing on a Friday”

If you think that you could enjoy and benefit from attending activities at Columcille, please e-mail Columcille  or telephone to speak with the manager (direct line 0131 446 6875) to talk about the possibilities.

Involving a Social Worker, Local Area Coordinator, Community Nurse or other professional would most likely be necessary, for the referral tasks and filling in the application or referral form.

A visit will then be arranged for you to spend an hour or so at Columcille and meet people and see if Columcille could be the place for you. If this goes well for you and there is space available we invite you to come for a trial period of up to 5 days, so you can experience workshops and more about being here. If you just want to come for one afternoon then the trial would be just for that afternoon, or 2 days would be 2 days trial, onwards to 5 days.

Places at Columcille are  funded either by Direct Payments or via Health and Social Care, at the City of Edinburgh Council. A social worker will normally manage the application process. If you do not have a social worker you can request one by contacting Social Care Direct, telephone number, 0131 200 2324 and see the link below.

Most importantly we look forward to hearing from you.