Keyworker and Reviews

Each participant at Columcille has a key-worker. The key-worker is the person who takes a special interest in knowing how things are for you, and looks at how we can be flexible and creative in meeting needs and offering new objectives and goals.

There are 2 reviews for each participant each year – the annual review and a 6 monthly mini review. The annual review is the time to focus on how things are for you at Columcille and how things could be different or improved. Your key-worker plays a central role in gathering information from the workshops you attend and with your input and comments a review report is written. The review meeting may contain several people or a smaller group. You are encouraged to participate and will be supported by your key-worker. The 6 monthly review is an update to ensure we are working towards agreed tasks and goals and to discuss any changes that may need to be made to your timetable here at Columcille.