A new manager for Columcille

In November Martin Dawson retired after 16 years of managing Columcille. Our new manager is John Redwood who has a broad experience in management including at L’Arche Edinburgh and Tiphereth Camphill Community, Edinburgh.

Music for ALL

Music for ALL is not running at present. However Graeme McDonald is independently running music courses on Tuesday and Friday morning at Richmond Church , Craigmiller.

Music for ALL might continue on Monday and Wednesday. the Thursday group and the Bonnyrigg group will not resume.

Thank you all who stayed in touch during lock down, logged in to Graeme’s online music – thank you Graeme- and we hope to meet again before long.

Columcille Art Exhibition

This year’s art exhibition is on Facebook – see below (no need to be a member of FB to look). Wonderful and unique  art work and ceramics are selling fast so have a look and either phone the centre on 0131 447 7404 or email admin@columcillecentre.co.uk

Music for ALL changes

Music for ALL is paused for the time being as the venues are not open. Graeme is running online courses and sessions called Homemade Jam (when musicians get together to play music it is often called a Jam). these are run by Graeme separate from Columcille. Please do join the courses to play music together again. it is possible to just see Graeme or have a gallery view. People say it is great.


We hope that in due time we will be able to start running music courses again , though there will need to be clear health and safety issues sorted first.


Columcille remains open for restricted hours and a limited number of people. we hope in time to be able to extend to welcoming back more participants. Meantime take care and stay well

Music for ALL news

The Edinburgh Music for ALL on line term finished last week – ie week ending 26th June. Bonnyrigg course finishes on 6th July. The regular music online will stop for the usual summer break.

We do not yet know when we will start again at our venues but we will start online in September at least.

I will keep ion touch with participants. Meantime take care and look outwards


Week 2 of a partial reponening

This is the second week of a partial reopening for a few people and thing’s are going well and people are so pleased to be back and see each other. We look forward to being able to welcome more folk back as soon as possible.

On Wednesday 17th June we look forward to welcoming back some participants. 

The City Council have agreed that Columcille can partially reopen for a group of our service users,(in common with other building based services). This group is those people who are living with family or unpaid carers. This is in line with Scottish Government recommendation for phase 1, coming out of lockdown. The City Council have approved the plans Columcille submitted to manage this reopening safely.

We look forward to welcoming back more people when recommended and agreed to do so. Meantime we send you all our best wishes.

Hello from Columcille

We send everyone good wishes and hope you are all well in these different and difficult times. Staff are keeping in touch by phone with some Columcille service users. Martin, the manager, is checking emails regularly. Music for ALL has an online presence – see the Music for ALL online page of this website, and a tune is added most days, thanks to Graeme and Phil. We wish you all well and we look forward t when we meet again.

A new page for Music for ALL online

Hello, Craig Bennett who manages our website, has created a new page for the online music and photos, called Music for ALL videos and is in the Music for ALL section of the website.

There is a photo section at the top of the page, followed by the most recent film  first- to save scrolling down.  Click here to view the page Please send us any photos or film clips or audio clips, asking us to share on the website. we would love to hear from you.

Music for ALL online

Music for ALL musicians continue to play but online for this time. Graeme who runs the 5 Edinburgh groups and Phil who runs the Bonnyrigg group are recording music from home so as you can still link in with Music for ALL and play along. Links are attached to the Music for ALL page of this website.