Dance, along with music, plays a big part of life at Columcille

We  run a weekly Dance Workshop which takes place Friday afternoons in the main hall – Biodanza ‘dance of life’ with Claire Lewis.  Biodanza works with the principle that music can significantly affect our mood, for example feeling more joyful.  When people express those moods and feelings through movements it can help to circulate and integrate that mood into the whole body.  The important part of the class  is about sharing as a group, feeling our connection with the community of people around us and enjoying sharing the dance together.   The music and dances come from all over the world but are specifically selected to increase health and well-being.  Everyone is encouraged to express their own dance and to do what they feel with the music.  There are active or fast dances and relaxing or slower dances. We dance by ourselves, with one another and in a group as a whole.  A lovely way to end the week!

If you are interested in joining the Friday dance workshop please contact us.

There are many impromptu opportunities to dance and enjoy music at our festivals, events and celebrations throughout the year, such as karaoke days and visiting dance groups.