I Want To Participate

Question: What do you like about Columcille?
Some answers from current regular attendees:
“Learning new drama skills, being involved, gaining confidence, sharing experiences”
” People and staff”
“A lot, I feel happy when I know I’m going to Columcille”
“It’s a second home”
“It’s warm and friendly, meeting different people, having a voice and being listened to”
“Working in the cafe, I do sewing and work in the garden”
“To see my friends.  I like my job”
“I like art and I get a massage on a Thursday”
“Passes time, I learn to cook and draw and write”
“For the activities.  Going out in the summer time”
“Enjoy music and dancing on a Friday”

If after having viewed our website, you feel that you may enjoy and benefit from attending activities at Columcille, we recommend that you e-mail Columcille initially or telephone to speak with the manager (direct line 0131 446 6875) to explore possibilities.

Involving a Social Worker, Local Area Coordinator, Community Nurse or other professional would most likely be necessary, to aid the referral process.  Completing a referral form will allow us to explore what vacancies exist in requested activities.

An exploratory visit can then be arranged which is often very helpful in deciding if Columcille will be able to meet the person’s individual needs and wishes.  If this meeting is mutually positive and space available, the placement would be confirmed and a trial period agreed.   Participants may attend for anything from half a day per week to five days per week.

Columcille is currently funded via block funding from City of Edinburgh Health and Social Care Department. There is no charge if clients are not currently receiving Direct Payments. This situation will change in the future as Self Directed Support is introduced. Details of sessional charges will be made available as Self Directed Support is introduced.